Graduation – Question and Answers

Warnborough holds graduation ceremonies twice a year. Each Learning Centre may hold separate graduation ceremonies, and information will be made available beforehand. Warnborough graduation ceremonies are usually held either in Dublin, Canterbury, London, or at one of our other Learning Centres. Guests are welcome to attend the ceremonies.

You will need to complete the official Application to Graduate form to ensure that all details are correct. By signing and returning the form, you are confirming that you have received your graduation information and that your full name and course details are correct. The details on this form will appear on your final documents, so please check spelling and other things BEFORE submitting.

If you do not return your form on time, the College cannot guarantee seating or other arrangements for you and your guests. You can also specify graduating in absentia (ie. have your testamur sent to you).

If your name is spelt incorrectly, you should indicate the correct spelling on the Application to Graduate Form. The College will allow you to specify the layout of your name (for example, if you wish to put your last name in front of your first name), but changes can only be made to your name if the appropriate documentation (eg. copies of birth/marriage certificate, passport) is supplied. Any name changes supplied after the due date on the graduation form will not be allowed. If your award level is incorrect, you should contact the College immediately.

You can defer your graduation for up to 12 months (maximum). This needs to be specified on the returned graduation form. You will not receive your testamur until you graduate, if you defer. The graduation date shown on your testamur will be that of the ceremony to which you have deferred. If you choose to defer your graduation, you may request a Statement of Completion from the Registrar.

If you prefer to graduate in absentia, you need to indicate on the Application to Graduate form how you wish to receive your testamur and academic record.

If you have an outstanding debt to the College, it must be settled prior to your graduation ceremony. If it is not settled, then your testamur and academic record will be withheld until the debt is paid. Please contact the College Administration if you have any queries.

A testamur and an academic record/transcript. A testamur is the degree or diploma certificate which is presented to you on the successful completion of your academic program.

Graduates and their guests are invited to join the President and other attendees for refreshments at HQ.

Warnborough usually organises a graduation lunch or dinner for graduates and their guests to commemorate this special event. Details on this event are available separately. There may be an additional cost for this.

We would very much like to see continued involvement from alumni members. You can join our alumni association and contribute towards making our community more vibrant. Do remember to keep in touch and let us know of the exciting happenings in your life after your program of study. We would love to do a profile or article on you, too.