Binding of Thesis and Dissertations

Warnborough offers a binding service for postgraduate students. This is a cost-effective way for students in other countries to submit their work for examination, and also cuts down on postage.

Students will need to submit a copy of their thesis or dissertation in softcopy format (preferably Word, Pages, Adobe PDF or in Rich Text Format) on a USB stick or by email or Dropbox. We will have it bound in softcover for the examination process. If the work has been approved, students must resubmit another USB stick with the final version (complete with any required corrections or modifications) which will be bound in hardcover for our library and records.

One volume can only take approximately 300 pages. If your work exceeds this number of pages, it will need to be bound in more than one volume. Therefore, a large dissertation could possibly have 2 or 3 volumes, by the time you include pictures, graphs, attachments in the appendix, and other such things.

Softcover binding costs €100 per volume. Two (2) copies of your dissertation are needed for the examination process.

Hardcover binding costs €200 per volume. We normally require two (2) copies of your dissertation for our records.

  • It’s less hassle for you
  • You save on postage costs for heavy tomes
  • We will bind it in the right format
  • We will send it directly to the examiners and reduce time/costs
  • It is cheaper to bind theses here than in some countries
  • You can pay for this service online

Go to our online store to pay by credit card.