What is Top Up?

Top Up Your Degree with Warnborough College Ireland

Top Up is of interest to many people. In order to figure out what top up is and how you might benefit, here are some typical questions:

  • Have you studied part of a course somewhere else but did not finish?
  • Are you an ‘All But Dissertation’ (ABD) student?
  • Did you take modules/courses for credit?
  • Have you completed courses as part of your work/career but do not have a full qualification?

If you answered ‘Yes‘ to any of the above, then, you may be eligible for a Top Up.

Essentially, a Top Up is a way of completing requirements towards a qualification or degree by taking into account the study you have already completed. For example, you may have completed a large part of a degree at another institution and only need an additional 40 credits to graduate. However, your studies were interrupted and you could not finish the programme. Perhaps, now you’re in a position to pick up where you left off.

Well, then, you’re in the right place. Read on.

Pretty much anyone. As long as your previously completed studies are deemed to be of a similar level or standard, we can look at equating these with what we offer. It could be a simple like-for-like match, or it may require you to do some additional work. It all depends. Speak to one of our advisors to get a better idea.

Generally, your previous work will be assessed using our APEL framework. APEL stands for the Accreditation of Prior Experience and/or Learning. Therefore, you will need to make an APEL application. Once your work has been successfully evaluated, you will be informed if you need to do any more work, and if so, what/how much.

This process could end up saving you a lot of time and money, but more importantly, it could help you achieve that qualification that you first started out to achieve. Using the APEL framework, we can also look at your eligibility from the perspective of competencies. These are skills and knowledge that you may have obtained as a result of work, hobbies/interests, and other methods. Just because you did not sit down in a classroom and do an examination does not mean that you have less knowledge than someone else. If we can map your competency(ies) to a particular set of learning outcomes, it means you do not have to spend time redoing the module(s) for those outcomes.

Contact us with your full curriculum vitae and submit any necessary transcripts. We will do a brief evaluation. If we think you have a strong chance of receiving credits or exemptions, we will encourage you to make a formal APEL application.