Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Counselling


  • Good problem solver?
  • Want to put your helpful and kindly nature to good use in a much-needed occupation?
  • Ready for the challenge of making a difference in the lives of others?

Enrol in the Warnborough BSc in Counselling today and make a real difference.

Warnborough College and ACS Distance Education (UK) have combined to introduce a Warnborough College Bachelor of Science in Counselling degree. The program has been specially structured so that it meets the academic requirements for those seeking a career in this profession in any part of the world.

The BSc in Counselling is useful to students who plan to pursue more advanced graduate studies in disciplines to which counselling is often applied. Such fields might include psychology, social work, education and/or the social sciences. The course is also useful to students who plan to pursue careers involving (or related to) people management, youth work, teaching, nursing, child guidance and/or working for the rehabilitation of offenders.

Applicants are expected to be skilled in the use of computers, especially with respect to word-processing and spreadsheets (eg. Microsoft Word and Excel). If your skills are limited in this area, you may find it necessary to undertake an I.T. course before commencing the degree.

Applicants should have a good command of the English language. If English is not your native language, we will require proof that your English language skills will allow you to cope with the course material and requirements (eg. a TOEFL score of 550 or an IELTS score of 6.0).

The Warnborough College BSc in Counselling is recognised by the ACCPH as criteria for membership. Upon successful completion, graduates may apply to the ACCPH for membership and be entitled to use the letters MACCPH after their name.

Thirty (30) modules must be completed successfully for the degree to be awarded. Each module of 100 hours duration provides 8 ECTS credits toward the degree. A total of 120 credit points must be attained for the degree to be awarded.
Upon enrolment, studies may commence within a few days; at which point you will be contacted by email with an access code for an orientation course in academic writing. The Academic Writing course will show you how you should write throughout the degree program.
Course materials for your first modules will be sent to you not later than 3 weeks following acceptance of your enrolment (usually sooner). All studies required to achieve the degree, may be undertaken in the country where you live.

Advanced Standing

  • Graduates of appropriate short courses, Certificates or Diplomas will be given credit that equates with the nominal duration of studies in earlier courses.
  • Credit may be given for studies from other institutions, where it has been determined that the course duration and content; and the standard of delivery, was at a level equal to, or better than that of this course.
  • Credit may be given on the basis of a formal RPL (Recognition for Prior Learning) application; for up to, but no more than, two thirds of the credit points.

240 credit points
A short introductory, online module on Academic Writing must be completed at the very start of the degree. This module should take only a few hours to complete and is not examinable. The student will be given access codes within a day of processing their enrolment, in order to immediately commence these initial studies.

Year 1 (80 ECTS Credits)

Core (Compulsory) Modules: Course Code
BPS101 Introduction to Psychology (8 ECTS credits)
BPS102 Psychology & Counselling (8 ECTS credits)
BPS109 Counselling Skills I (8 ECTS credits)
BPS110 Counselling Skills II (8 ECTS credits)
Workplace (Compulsory) Projects:
BGN104 Industry Meetings (8 ECTS credits)
BGN102 Research Project I (8 ECTS credits)

Optional (Elective) Modules:
BPS104 Child Psychology (8 ECTS credits)
BPS106 Sports Psychology I (8 ECTS credits)
BBS201 Project Management (8 ECTS credits)
BRE101 Human Health & Fitness I (8 ECTS credits)
BRE102 Human Nutrition I (8 ECTS credits)
BRE105 Aromatherapy I (8 ECTS credits)

Year 2 (80 ECTS Credits)

Core (Compulsory) Modules: Course Code
BPS206 Counselling Techniques (8 ECTS credits)
BPS207 Professional Practice in Counselling (8 ECTS credits)
BPS208 Relationships Counselling (8 ECTS credits)
BPS205 Social Psychology I (8 ECTS credits)
Workplace (Compulsory) Projects:
BGN201 Research Project II (8 ECTS credits)
BGN103 Workshop I (8 ECTS credits)

Optional (Elective) Modules:
BPS103 Industrial Psychology (8 ECTS credits)
BPS108 Biopsychology l (8 ECTS credits)
BPS111 Stress Management I (8 ECTS credits)
BPS107 Marketing Psychology (8 ECTS credits)
BPS202 Careers Counselling (8 ECTS credits)
BPS210 Developmental Psychology (8 ECTS credits)
BPS211 Adolescent Psychology (8 ECTS credits)

Year 3 (80 ECTS Credits)

Core (Compulsory) Modules: Course Code
BSC303 Statistics (8 ECTS credits)
BPS301 Professional Supervision (8 ECTS credits)
BPS304 Crisis Counselling (8 ECTS credits)
BPS303 Multi-Cultural Awareness (8 ECTS credits)
Workplace (Compulsory) Projects:
BGN202 Research Project III (8 ECTS credits)
BGN203 Workshop 2 (8 ECTS credits)

Optional (Elective) Modules:
Select an additional four (4) modules from the following options.
(Note: Upon approval, electives from other years may be accepted here)
BWR301 Technical Writing (8 ECTS credits)
BPS204 Biopsychology ll (8 ECTS credits)
BPS302 Psychopharmacology (8 ECTS credits)
BPS209 Grief and Bereavement Counselling (8 ECTS credits)
BPS305 Life Coaching (8 ECTS credits)
BPS307 Abnormal Psychology (8 ECTS credits)
BPS213 Family Counselling (8 ECTS credits)
BPS 309 Criminal Psychology (8 ECTS credits)
BPS215 Developmental, Learning and Behavioural Disorders in Children and Adolescents (8 ECTS credits)

The program is conducted via distance learning only. Modules can be done through a combination of online study materials, learning packages sent via post, and videos. Students have access to a personal tutor for each individual module.
Students are required to obtain texts needed for successful completion of program projects, through libraries, on-line resources and/or bookstores.

You get unlimited email support throughout the program, on every module/course. In some instances, telephone support can also be arranged.

Check the Frequently Asked Questions page, or feel free to contact The Warnborough Team!