Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Practical Theology

PhD in Practical Theology

  • Are you ready to take your Biblical Knowledge and Leadership to the Highest Level?
  • Are you prepared to dive deep into God’s heart and explore His word as you have never done before?
  • Is it time to speak with authority and power?

Take that final step to the top of the platform with the Warnborough College PhD in Practical Theology, and “finally, be strong in the Lord and the power of His might” (Eph 6:10).  Three introductory modules will assist you in fine-tuning your skills and defining your purpose as you move into the extensive process of consolidating your hard-earned knowledge into a dissertation or a series of Doctoral projects.

Serious Christian Leaders who already have a recognised Master’s degree from a seminary or college in Theology, Biblical Studies, or similar are encouraged to join the programme. Leaders with extensive biblical study and proven leadership experience (e.g. long-term senior church pastors with thousands of pages of bible study and sermon notes).  The PhD program is flexible, yet comprehensive in scope and allows Biblical scholars to tailor the program to suit their specific needs.  You can contact the Program Director also to discuss options.

Students may be exempt from certain modules in the curriculum, based on prior courses taken, and/or demonstrated knowledge of philosophy and related disciplines. Modules taken at any time during the student’s career may be counted, if they fulfil appropriate requirements.

Because of the enormous flexibility of the WCI program, students may work with their mentor to structure their program in the context of their individual interests, and professional and academic goals. Read the complete module descriptions for information as well as ideas – think of them as a set of guidelines, rather than rules. They will also give you ideas on areas you may wish to pursue most aggressively, in your graduate program.

The requirement is to complete 160 ECTS credits (80 US-style credits).  These credits are split as follows:

  • 3 modules (24 ECTS credits)
  • PhD Dissertation (136 ECTS credits)

The PhD in Practical Theology is in essence a research-only program.  The modules are delivered online and through direct communication with your mentor, but are merely to fine tune your skills and prepare you for the research and writing.  The three modules are a month in length and consist of:

  1. Bible Overview and Exploration of Practical Theology Topics.
  2. How to Develop a Relevant and Cutting-Edge Dissertation Topic and Perform the Necessary Research.
  3. Editing and Re-Editing – How to Fine Tune your Topic and Present your Dissertation Idea for Approval.  This may be repeated until your idea is specific and focused and you are ready to proceed.

These modules  are designed to help you develop your topic and thought processes. You will need to work with your mentor to divide your work into 160 ECTS credits.  All research work must be approved by the Academic Board in the first instance, and you may receive further questions of clarity from your committee.  Because of the flexibility of the WCI program and large numbers of possible topics, learners can work with their mentor to structure their program in the context of their professional and academic goals.  Always keep in mind that the idea within this program is to be practical or pragmatic in your approach.  Will this idea be useful and push the theological world forward?

Students work independently, with the guidance of an allocated mentor, interacting when necessary with groups conducting learning via our Online Moodle.  After the three modules are complete, students spend the remainder of their time focusing on and writing their thesis as long as they focus on a topic within the discipline of Practical Theology.  This program is academically-rigorous and focused, with pragmatic real-world goals.
Victor W. Matthews, PhD, is a third-generation pastor, multiple company founder, Bible teacher and church leader who lives in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.  His grandfathers on both sides were church planters and pastors – he attended his first revival at the age of seven, and he led his first mission trip at seventeen, over 30 years ago.  A born leader, Dr Matthews was the youngest four-star chef in Louisiana history as well as the youngest Masterchef in America (at the time).  He has founded and run over a dozen successful companies.  His first degrees were English and Education from North Carolina State University and his Masters was in Global Leadership from Fuller Seminary.  Dr Matthews has been a believer most of his life and a deeply-committed and passionate Christian Leader and pastor for over a decade.  Dr Matthews has over 27 years of teaching experience; and has written five books including Modern Paladin, the textbook used in this course. 

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