Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Creative Writing

Warnborough College PhD in Creative Writing

  • Are you ready to take your creative writing to the highest level?
  • Can you push yourself beyond just nice prose?

Aim for the pinnacle in writing with the Warnborough College PhD in Creative Writing. Use the modules to bolster your existing skills, challenge your own writing techniques and create a worthy full-length work.

Who Should Do This?

Serious writers who already have a Master’s degree in Creative Writing or similar, and/or writers who have many years of writing experience. The PhD program is flexible, yet comprehensive in scope and allows writers of different genres to tailor the program to suit their needs.  Candidates on the program will get to demonstrate that the pen really is mightier than the sword.

Program Requirements – PhD in Creative Writing

Creative writing pathway at Warnborough College

The PhD is open to students who have completed an MA or MFA in Creative Writing, or an MA in English or American Literature. The requirement is to complete 160 ECTS credits, 80 US-style credits.  These credits are split as follows:

  1. 12 modules (96 ECTS credits)
  2. PhD Dissertation (64 ECTS credits)

Total = 160 ECTS credits

The Dissertation (investigation into a genre or variety of genres) should be approximately 70,000 words.  Students may combine research with a portfolio of their own creative work, or write a creative novel from the outset.  In some instances, you may be able to transfer credit / exit points  from your prior learning (Recognition of prior learning).

The following modules are compulsory:

  • WR800  Mimesis of Texts II
  • WR802 Research Methods for Creative Writers
  • WR805 Autobiography, Memoir, and Rhetoric
  • WR807 The Persona Poem
  • WR808 Poetics of the Ordinary
  • WR809 The Muses
  • WR820 Micro Fiction
  • WR838 Narration and Story Development
  • WR840 Dreams and the Inner Writer
  • WR845 Creativity Theory and Practice
  • WR860 Writing for a World Audience
  • WR885 Mythopoesis for Creative Writers

See all Creative Writing modules and descriptions.

NOTE: If you have already completed our Master of Arts in Creative Writing program, you must complete additional modules to make up the 12 modules.

Additionally, students can work with their mentors to combine modules into customized programs, suited to their interests and capabilities. The descriptions above give you a sense of areas in which to proceed, at the graduate level, and professionally.  We may award exemptions based on prior courses taken, professional experience, writing and research samples, and art portfolios.

Alternatively, students may choose to embark on a research-only program.  For this you will need to work with your mentor to divide your work into 160 ECTS credits. All research work must be approved by the Academic Board in the first instance. Because of the enormous flexibility of the WCI program, learners can work with their mentor to structure their program in the context of their professional and academic goals.  Read the complete module descriptions for information as well as ideas.

This program is offered through distance learning. This involves a fully open experience and is achieved through a combination of distance, on-site and virtual learning.

Individual programs can be structured in module formats; can be project/research directed, or can combine these options.  At the doctoral level, learners are expected to be highly self-motivated and capable of independent work.

Sandi Hutcheson holds a BA in English from Georgia State University, an MFA in English from Spalding University, and a PhD in Creative Writing from Warnborough College.  As well as working as a newspaper columnist, was has been a professor at Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida.

Sandi has taught English and writing to students on nearly every level – high school, college, graduate school, and even senior adults in continuing education courses.  Her writing has appeared in Creative Nonfiction, Southern Journal, and New Southern magazines, and she is the author of both fiction and nonfiction books

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