Master of Arts (MA) in Business Ethics and Social Responsibility


  • Is business is about doing the right thing for and by everyone?
  • Serious about building and protecting your business’s reputation?
  • Want your business to be entrenched within the community in which it operates?

The Warnborough MA in Business Ethics and Social Responsibility delves into issues which are now very current, but which have far-reaching consequences for businesses, stakeholders and the communities with which it interacts. The course is suitable for any type of business or organisation because it begins with a philosophical base. This understanding can then be applied to any specialisation of business.

Managers, or other individuals in the workplace, concerned with important moral and reputational issues that arise in the context of business activities. It is also relevant to the consumer, the person who enjoys the benefits of what businesses produce.

It will help candidates:

  • To foster an understanding of the moral, social and economic environments within which moral issues occur
  • To introduce to the candidate the moral concepts and theories that are required to tackle these problems
  • To develop the necessary reasoning and analytical skills for accomplishing this.
Students are assessed continuously throughout the program (ie. per module). Candidates are required to submit:

  • Eleven (11) papers addressing each of the following subject areas in Parts One and Two, of approximately 1200 to 1800 words each.
  • A dissertation of 10,000 words.

Part One: KEY TOPIC AREAS (8 credits each)

PH505 The nature of morality
PH518 Normative theories of ethics
PH533 Justice and economic distribution

Part Two: OTHER TOPIC AREAS (8 credits each)

PH529 The nature of capitalism
PH534 Corporations
PH548 The workplace I- basic issues
PH557 The workplace II – the challenges
PH565 Moral choices facing employees
PH572 Job discrimination
PH577 Consumers
PH579 The environment

Dissertation (32 credits)

For a Warnborough Master of Arts in Business Ethics and Social Responsibility degree, students must complete a total of 120 ECTS credits. All requirements must be satisfied, unless students are granted exemptions. Students can work with their mentors to combine modules into customised programs, suited to their interests and capabilities. Read the complete module descriptions for information as well as ideas. Exemptions may be awarded based on prior courses taken, professional experience, writing and research samples, and counselling portfolios. Students may also choose to embark on a research-only program.

Students in the program may work independently or in self-managed groups. Independent work will be expected of all graduate students. Online interactive forums may be used as medium for program delivery. We recommend students doing at least 2 to 3 modules a term to maximise the benefits of doing this program and to reduce the overall length of time required.

Candidates will be required to acquire two main textbooks that will see them through the program. Details will be provided upon registration. Candidates will follow up subsidiary reading from the bibliographies in these books, from other sources, or via guidance from their mentor.

The Programme Director, Professor Paul O’Callaghan, graduated in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Wales, where he also gained masters and doctorate degrees. He also holds qualifications in Business Administration, Social Ethics and Apologetics. He was nominated Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and is also a past member of ASHRAE and ASME.  After a period in industry, he joined Cranfield University and founded and directed the very successful post-graduate course “ENERGY CONSERVATION AND THE ENVIRONMENT”, from which over 700 energy and environmental managers graduated. Many of these students progressed to doctoral studies under his supervision and many are now professors themselves. He established the internet company, MultiMedia Sunshine Ltd., in 1997.

He acts as consultant to many international companies and institutions. He is visiting professor to a number of universities and e-lectures and supervises postgraduate students for many other universities throughout the world. He has been actively mentoring students via distance learning for Warnborough College since 1997. He has secured and successfully carried out over forty major research contracts, seven of which have been awarded by European Union initiatives during the past eight years. He is the author of five international text-books, three E-books and over 200 technical publications. He has received various distinguished prizes for his work, including the Napier Shaw Bronze Medal of the Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers and the Power Industries Prize of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. His main interests are in the development and use of new multimedia didactical technologies in pedagogical applications for distance and life-long learning.