Master of Arts (MA) in Cultural Art History


  • What is ‘artistic motive’?
  • Want to understand the relationship between culture and art throughout history?
  • Want to heighten your understanding of the dimensions of multiculturalism?
  • Are you considering a career as an art historian?

Discover answers to burning questions and channel your interests with the Warnborough MA in Cultural Art History! Enrol today!

Art transcends the boundaries of time, place, religion, politics, economics and culture. Art is where cultural, creative and historical characteristics are expressed – in timeless works that ultimately belong to us all.  Art history is very significant in the broad cultural fabric. Studies continue to reveal that human beings throughout the ages share common characteristics that remain steadfast, despite cultural distinctions and the passage of millennia. Cultural Art History more fully explores the cultural cross-fertilization of traditions manifested in works of art and the influences underlying their production.

The MA in Cultural Art History is particularly useful for learners who intend to develop professional careers in Cultural Art History, such as historians, museum workers and scholars. However the M.A. in Cultural Art History can be useful to those who want to pursue other careers including law, curriculum development, museum and gallery work, art therapy, art dealership, fine arts, travel and tourism, research, art criticism, creative writing, journalism and teaching.

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Master’s candidates will be required to complete a minimum of 120 credits, which include an independent Master’s Project. Compulsory and elective modules must be equivalent at the 500 level or above. See full module list here.

The MA in Cultural Art History is comprised of 4 compulsory modules, 7 elective modules, and a Master’s Thesis or Project. Total of 120 credits.

11 modules: 88 credits (8 credits each)

Dissertation: 32 credits

The following modules are compulsory: (4 modules, 8 credits each, total of 32 credits)

  1. CAH 501Library Methodology
  2. CAH 502Conducting Research in Art History
  3. Choose either CAH503 Critical Writing in Art History OR CAH504 Theory and Interpretation
  4. Choose either CAH505 The Business of Art History OR CAH600 Museum Practices

The following modules are elective: (7 modules, 8 credits each, total of 56 credits)

  1. A Choice of 1 Module selected from CAH506 through CAH801
  2. A Choice of 4 Modules in the major area of art historical emphasis (Western or non-Western)
  3. A Choice of 2 Modules outside of the major area of study (Western, non-Western, or topical)

See full module list here.

This program is offered via distance learning. This involves a fully open learning experience and is achieved through a combination of distance, on-site and virtual learning experiences. Individual programs can be structured in module formats; can be project/research directed, or can combine these options. At the Masters level, learners are expected to be highly self-motivated and capable of independent work. We expect students to be motivated and have plenty of initiative, as ‘spoonfeeding’ is not encouraged.

All learners are also required to actively participate in and contribute to the Warnborough Online Management System (LMS). The Canterbury Arts Conference is sponsored by Warnborough College Ireland each year, and students are actively encouraged to participate in this. It is a great opportunity to present research or workshops, and to meet other like-minded contacts.

Dr. Jill Kiefer is a teaching artist and arts historian. She is the Director of What About Art? — an organization devoted to bringing Art to Everyone. Jill has developed and implemented comprehensive academic and lifelong learning programs at prestigious institutions in the USA and abroad. She was a member of the graduate faculty of the Humanities Dept. of Mount Saint Mary’s University in Los Angeles, and also taught for Pasadena City College, Glendale College, Westwood College, the Palos Verdes Art Center and the University of New Mexico. She has received a number of “Best Faculty” awards. Jill was a Federal Title V Grant Recipient four times for her work in Hybrid Learning, and she is a member of the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi—the oldest and most selective academic honor society in the USA, dedicated to the recognition and promotion of academic excellence in all fields of higher education. Jill is the Director of Warnborough’s Master’s and Doctoral programs in Fine Arts, Cultural Art History, Humanities, and Film, Radio, TV and Media Studies. A published writer and artist, Jill has an impressive and extensive resume. You may also contact Jill about the Warnborough programs she leads at
For more information please see the Frequently Asked Questions page or contact Dr Jill Kiefer or The Warnborough Team!