Master of Arts (MA) in Counselling

Warnborough College MA in Counselling

  • Would you like the opportunity to pursue advanced graduate studies in counselling and psychotherapy?
  • Interested in applying psychological theory to real-world situations and helping people?
  • Want to be flexible enough to vary your counselling skills to any situation, individual or organisation?

Give the Warnborough MA in Counselling a try! Take the step to kick start your professional career!

The Master of Arts in Counselling (MAC) is designed for students who intend to develop professional careers in Counselling and Psychotherapy or in related fields. The program is a professional qualification equivalent to a Master’s program in any other academic discipline. It will advance the undergraduate to a higher level of understanding and skill, and will provide the student with the opportunity to enhance their career and status.

The MA in Counselling is useful to students who plan to pursue more advanced graduate studies in disciplines to which counselling is often applied. Such fields might include psychology, social work, education and/or the social sciences. An MAC is also useful to students who plan to pursue careers involving (or related to) people management, youth work, teaching, nursing, child guidance and/or working for the rehabilitation of offenders.

The Warnborough College MA in Counselling is recognised by the ACCPH as criteria for membership. Upon successful completion, graduates may apply to the ACCPH for membership and be entitled to use the letters MACCPH after their name.

Students are required to purchase resources needed for successful completion of program projects. The resources needed depend upon modules being taken, and include such items as text books, journals and videos, etc. Students will be given resources lists after registration in the program and prior to the onset of each module. A connection to the Internet and an email account is vital.

For a Master of Arts in Counselling (MAC) degree, students must complete a total of 120 credits. All requirements must be satisfied, unless students are granted exemptions. Students who complete the first 8 modules satisfactorily and who wish to leave the program can apply for the award of a Postgraduate Certificate in Counselling.

Students can work with their mentors to combine modules into customised programs, suited to their interests and capabilities. Read the complete module descriptions for information as well as ideas.

Exemptions may be awarded based on prior courses taken, professional experience, writing and research samples, and counselling portfolios.

From the broad base of options offered by the program, an area of specialty can be determined. 120 credits, including an independent Master’s Project, will be required for an MAC degree. In accordance with Warnborough regulations, MAC candidates will need to fulfill the following requirements:

Distribution Requirements for the M.A. degree (120 ECTS credits):

Your will be counselled as to the program that will meet your knowledge, background and needs:

60 credits: 5 core modules
36 credits: Three elective modules
24 credits: MAC Final Project/Thesis

Candidates will work with their mentor(s), to establish the parameters for their final project. Final submission of the project must be accompanied by a critical paper, which discusses the project in appropriate critical terminology, consistent with guidelines established by Warnborough.

See full Module list here

Students in the program may work independently or in self-managed groups. Independent work will be expected of all graduate students. Counselling practice is mandatory and may be face-to-face or by Skype. Online resources and interactive forums may be used as medium for program delivery.