Master of Arts (MA) in Humanities


  • Are you a deep thinker?
  • Do you know the significance of Adam Smith or Sylvia Plath?
  • Do you enjoy studying socio-political history with a twist of cultural literature?
  • Interested in several humanities-based subjects, but don‘t know which to pick?
  • Want to expand your knowledge from the comfort of your own home?

If the answer is yes, perhaps we have whet your intellectual appetite. Why not try the Warnborough MA in Humanities, and quench your thirst?

The Master of Arts in Humanities is an interdisciplinary degree programme that embraces the disciplines of English (language and literature), philosophy and religious studies, art history, history/political science, psychology, and cultural studies. The goal of this programme is simply to create thinkers.

While pursuing this programme, learners will focus on works by the greatest thinkers and talents in history who have significantly contributed to life and the world as these have and continue to be understood.

An M.A. in Humanities is of great value to individuals who are interested in interdisciplinary approaches, who are, or plan to become, educators, and/or to individuals interested in eventually pursuing doctoral programmes in any of the Humanities. As an interdisciplinary course, the MA in humanities can be useful to a whole host of professions including, but not limited to: teaching (most likely at the college level), course development and curricula design, research, civil service, local government, charities, information technology, solicitor’s firms, publishing and journalism.

However, if you have a genuine interest in anything from current affairs to literary analysis this could be the perfect MA for you!

Students will start out with a broad range of options and then choose an area of specialty.

Master’s candidates will be required to pass a minimum of 120 ECTS credits, which include an independent Master’s Project. Compulsory and elective modules must equivalent at the 500 level or above. See full module list here.

The MA in Humanities is comprised of 4 compulsory modules, 7 elective modules, and a Master’s Thesis or Project. A total of 120 credits is required in order to graduate.
11 modules: 88 credits (8 credits each)
Dissertation: 32 credits

The following modules are compulsory: (4 modules, 8 credits each, total of 32 credits)
1) HUM501 Library Methodology
2) HUM502 Conducting Interdisciplinary Research
3) HUM503 Critical Writing in the Humanities
4) HUM504 Theory and Interpretation from Interdisciplinary Perspectives

Elective Modules:
A Choice of 3 Modules selected from HUM505 through HUM817
A Choice of 4 Modules in any major area of emphasis (e.g. historical or philosophical)

Students will work with their mentors to establish the parameters for their independent research, the findings and conclusions of which will be the subject of their thesis. The Master’s Thesis will be completed according to the guidelines and parameters set by Warnborough.

This program is offered via distance learning. This involves a fully open learning experience and is achieved through a combination of distance, on-site and virtual learning experiences. Individual programs can be structured in module formats; can be project/research directed, or can combine these options. At the Masters level, learners are expected to be highly self-motivated and capable of independent work. ‘Spoonfeeding’ is not encouraged.

All learners are also required to actively participate in and contribute to  Moodle – the Warnborough Online Management System (LMS).

Dr. Jill Kiefer
Program Director Dr Jill Kiefer has been designing, coordinating and leading arts programs for over twenty years. She has taught Fine Arts for the University of New Mexico, and has led workshops, tours and presentations in the USA and Europe. Dr Kiefer has developed curricula for hundreds of workshop and presentation programs. She is a published author, editor, artist and illustrator, and is the founder and director of What About Art?

For more information please see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page or contact Dr Jill Kiefer or our The Warnborough Team.