Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration

The Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management allows management professionals to develop their competencies and knowledge in business disciplines. This qualification is ideal for those who are working their way up the management ladder, or those who wish to ‘refresh’ or ‘update’ themselves with the rudiments of business logic, theory and practice.

  • Junior managers who want to develop themselves professionally or who wish to get a promotion at work.
  • Experienced managers looking to expand and use their knowledge to problem-solve and codify their experiences into a qualification.
  • All those who wish to eventually achieve a Master of Business Administration (MBA) can use the PG Diploma as a pathway.

Program Structure / Modules

The Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration (PG DipBA) program is great for serious business executives who cannot take the time to attend a traditional residential program, but who wish to enhance their business skills and gain a useful qualification through distance learning. After completing this program, candidates may ‘top-up’ to a Warnborough College Master of Business Administration (MBA).

Core Modules

MBA701 Managing Learning (6 credits)
This module aims to offer a level playing field for students with varying learning styles and diverse experiential and/or academic backgrounds by cultivating a universal business and learning skills base.

MBA705 Managing Organisations (12 credits)
Understanding behaviour within organisations provides managers with the knowledge and tools to manage individuals, teams, and the organisational culture and structure. Learn essential management theories, motivation, leadership, problem solving, and organisational design. This module also incorporates change management.

MBA713 Management Accounting and Finance (12 credits)
Effective managers need a basic grounding in the theoretical and practical concepts of accounting to help them become better equipped to deal with problems concerning stock and bond prices, different transactions, taxes, credit analyses, and other accounting issues.

MBA723 Economics for Managers (12 credits)
This module looks at the economic foundations of managerial decision-making. Areas covered include demand and cost theory and price determination in competitive and monopoly markets, advanced pricing strategies, market structure and competitive strategy, and the welfare-economic foundations of business regulation.

MBA742 Managing Marketing (12 credits)
Marketing is at the heart of every business. This module examines the nature and purpose of marketing by focusing on the core marketing principles. Topics include customer orientation, market evaluation and targeting opportunities, consumer behaviour, market research, and the importance of integrating product and service decisions with those on pricing, distribution and promotion.

MBA767 Managing People (8 credits)
Managers deal with people in every-day human resources management tasks. Areas covered include self-diagnosis and learning for management development, job design and specification (competencies), team development, appraisal systems, and understanding “managerialisms” and leadership.


For the award of the PG DipBA, 62 ECTS credits must be successfully completed. Fees are Euro €105 per credit, therefore, the total fee is €6,510.

This program is conducted via distance learning. There are online study materials available for each module. Students have access to a personal tutor for each individual module. An industry internship needs to be organised locally by the student for at least 6 months, if the student is not already working. The PG DipBA is also available through some of our Academic Partners.

The program is run by the Faculty of Business and Management with a core of experienced and highly-qualified mentors. Each Learning Centre has its own staff who are vetted by Warnborough College, with quality assurance checks carried out annually. Course materials are provided online and textbooks are recommended, but suitable alternatives in the topic may be used. All candidates should have access to the Internet.

If you have any more questions, check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page or contact the Warnborough Team!