Staff and Faculty


Some of the Warnborough Council members

Some of the Warnborough Council members

  • Dr John AllenChair of the Council (President Allen Advertising, Baltimore, USA)
  • Rev Canon Dr Richard G Martin, SSCVice-President for Alumni Relations (Canon, All Saints Anglican Church, Queensland, Australia)
  • Dr Raymond MorlandSecretary (Educator & Consultant, Newcastle, Australia)
  • Dr Julian NgVice-Chair (Vice-President, Warnborough College UK/Ireland)
  • Dr Brenden D. Tempest-Mogg – CEO (President, Warnborough College UK/Ireland)
  • Dr Michael Ange Educator and Psychologist, USA
  • Dr Philip ArmstrongCEO, Australian Counselling Association, Australia
  • Dr Miles BeauchampAssociate Professor, Alliant International University, USA
  • Mr David ChristyPresident, DLSI, Indiana, USA
  • Dr Matina ChronopoulouNaturopath, Program Director, Greece
  • Dr Jocelyne Clarke-FletcherChief HR Officer, CARICOM, St Lucia
  • Mr Jason CronshawCEO, Fantastic Aussie Tours Group, Australia
  • Dr Pamela HattonEducator and Psychologist, UK
  • Mr Paul HickmanEducator & Consultant, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA
  • Dr Tracy HillierEducator and Consultant, Canada
  • Dr Mary JonesEducator and Consultant, USA
  • Dr Jill Kiefer – Lecturer, Workshop Facilitator, Consultant, Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • Dr Victor MatthewsEntrepreneur, Educator and Masterchef
  • Dr Bahjat Sandouka Educator, former UN expert, UAE
  • Dr Carmel ThompsonEducator and Consultant, Australia
  • Ms Roula TsiolasCEO, AISI, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
  • Dr. Vibart WillsEducator & Consultant, Bahamas


  • Dr Brenden D Tempest-Mogg – President & Chair of Research Committee
  • Dr Julian Ng – Senior Vice-President
  • Rev Canon Dr Richard G Martin, SSC – Vice President for Alumni Relations
  • Linda McCafferyCollege Coordinator
  • Nina Kawai-Hopson Project Manager
  • Rosita SantosCollege Admissions and Registry
  • Bernadette Bradley Special Events
  • Andrew James Public Relations
  • Paul Evans – Business Manager
  • Maykol Medina – Design and Promotions
  • Ashok ZaviourIT Department
  • Iain Nicholson – IT Department

Quality Assurance

  • Ms Carmel Thompson (President, International Vocational Educational Training Association)
  • Mr John Mason (Quality Assurance expert)
  • Dr. Graeme Tytler (Linguist)
  • Dr Audrey Nelson (Consultant, Fortune 50 companies)
  • Dr Brenden D Tempest-Mogg (Chair)
  • Dr Julian Ng (Certified Quality Lead Auditor)
  • Dr J Vibart Wills (former Emissary to the United Nations)

Distinguished Academic Mentors

~ Members of the Warnborough University Alliance (WUA) – Forum in International Education ~

Dr Clayton Alford

Dr Clayton Alford

BA in Psychology (Pennsylvania State University), MS in Education (City University of New York), PhD (University of Phoenix).

Dr Clayton takes her mentoring role as an online facilitator and mentor for adult learners seriously. She has facilitated online graduate courses at Concordia University and supervised Special Education teacher candidates working on their student teaching (in-service) training through Walden University.
Her educational philosophy encourages students to become lifelong learners and partners in literacy.  She often meets 21st century educators who recognise that literacy encompasses collaboration between higher education institutions, libraries, and information technology (IT).  It is of her belief that the best educational results occur when students share ideas in a collaborative environment.
Through her own studies she has managed to gain a thorough understanding of educational leadership and curriculum development and has focused on the risks and consequences of cognitive dissonance experienced by secondary general educators who teach diverse students with special-needs.
She considers a policy of inclusion in higher education can lead to comprehensive scholarly growth.  As an online facilitator, she encourages respectful intellectual debate that leads participants to a greater sense of enlightenment and enrichment.

Dr Satya Amirapu

B.Sc., M.B.B.S. (University of Poona), M.D. (Pathology) (Karnataka University)

Dr Satya Amirapu did her Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences, followed by a medical degree and eventually specialised as a General Pathologist. She studied and trained in India, before moving to New Zealand with her family. She also acquired registration as a Scientist, in a technical capacity.

In both clinical and technical domains, she has several years of experience. She has not only taught medical and technical students but has also been involved in research and clinical trials of drugs. She currently mentors PhD candidates who conduct research on a variety of medical topics.

Her research interests include Bone and Soft Tissue Tumours, and Liver Disease. She had been a part of the global clinical trial for Herceptin, a drug for metastatic Breast cancer.

She is married and has two school-going children. In her leisure time her interests include languages, art and outdoor activities.

Dr Jackson Blair

B.A. (Allegheny College), MBA, Ph.D. (Warnborough University)

Dr Blair has had a distinguished career as a banker, administrator and educator. Over the years, Dr Blair has served as Management Development Director for Mellon Bank, Human Resources Director for Morgan Stanley & Co, Senior Vice-President for Schroders, Inc, and Senior Vice-President for the Corroon & Black Corporation. In the education arena, he has taught at Pace University in New York, Brigham Young University in Utah and served on various boards at Pennsylvania (Wharton), Duke (Fuqua) and Morgan State universities. He has also lectured for Warnborough, including a stint in Malaysia.

Currently Dr Blair is the Director of External Affairs for Winchendon School in Massachusetts. He also chairs the Fund for Leadership, South African Outward Bound Educational Trust, and operates his own consulting company (JBC International) which deals with sensitive personnel issue resolution and matters of governance. Dr Blair believes in an international aspect to education, cross-culturalisation, and international education exchange.

His association with Warnborough began in the early 1980s when he sent his elder son, Jay, to Warnborough College UK in Oxford. He and his wife make their home in Massachusetts.

Dr Mark Bredin

Dr Mark Bredin

M. Theol (Hons), Ph.D. (University of St Andrews)

Dr Bredin’s specialised area of research is in the development of Hebrew traditions in the New Testament. Recently he has been engaged with the book of Revelation and how to interpret its complex imagery. He is interested in non-violent readings of the Bible.

Dr Bredin is a member of the British Old Testament Society, and the Society of Biblical Literature. He is an author of Jesus, Revolutionary of Peace: a non-violent Christology in the Book of Revelation. He has published in areas on historical Jesus, Matthew, John and Revelation. He is presently editing a volume on the Book of Tobit and writing a book on the special material in Matthew.

In addition, he works with people with mental handicaps. He is concerned with relating theological study with practical work. He enjoys running, hill walking, working out in the gym and motorbiking.

Dr John Beumer

Dr John Beumer

B.Sc., B.Sc. Hons, PhD (James Cook University), Cert.Horticulture III; Commissioner for Declarations.

Dr Beumer’s primary field of interest is marine fish habitat: their research and management. His specific interests lie in marine plants and their role in fisheries sustainability, declaring reserves for fish habitats, fish ladders, marine pest incursions, acid sulfate soil impacts on fish habitats, rehabilitation of fish habitats, and fish-friendly designs for coastal structures. Dr Beumer also holds an ongoing interest in the biology and management of anguillid eels.

He is an inaugural member of the Australian Society for Fish Biology and with memberships in Greening Australia and the International Mangrove Conservation Society. He has published more than 60 scientific papers and technical articles; and has helped to organise various congresses.

Dr Beumer has presented numerous papers at local, State, National and International conferences/workshops. He holds statewide responsibilities for the direction of research and the management of coastal fish habitats. He is currently Principal Scientist (Marine Fish Habitat) at the Queensland Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries.

Outside work, he enjoys bushwalking, propagating plants, keeping freshwater fish, a variety of sports, bush rehabilitation, and conservation of natural resources.

Dr M. Burrows

Dr M. Burrows

B.A.Hons, M.A (Oxford Brookes University), Ph.D (University of Sheffield), PGCE (University of Manchester)

Dr Burrows is an expert in the field of twentieth century European History and nationalism. His research and publication interests are concerned with twentieth century European history (political, social and economic) with particular focus upon the field of the history of ideas, nationalism and fascism.

In his spare time Dr Burrows enjoys sport (both playing and watching, being a season ticket holder at Norwich City Football Club), walking, theatre and the cinema.

Dr Balasubramanyam Chandramohan

Dr Balasubramanyam Chandramohan

M.Phil (Jawaharlal Nehru University), Ph.D (University of Sheffield),  Post-Doctoral research (University of Zurich) Dr Bala has a wealth of experience in different disciplines and in different parts of the world. He has taught English and Literature at higher education institutions in the UK, South Africa, Switzerland, Algeria, Tunisia and India. he has supervised and assessed research at PhD/EdD levels at British universities. His expertise in interdisciplinary programmes includes curriculum design, validation and management, including academic scaffolding initiatives to build and sustain communities of practice, and research. Dr Bala is a specialist in internationalisation (direct and agent-led student recruitment in Africa and Asia; brand building through promotional activities), transnational education (partnership building, approval procedures for joint delivery of courses, franchising of courses – in Africa and Asia), accreditation and quality assurance.

Dr Matina Chronopoulou

Dr Matina Chronopoulou

A.A. (Brooklyn College), B.Sc. (Southwest Florida College), Dip.Nutritional Health Science (American Health Science Institute), N.D. (National College of Naturopathic Medicine), Lic. Dip. Master Accupuncturist (International College of Oriental Medicine), Doctor of Naturopathy (Medicina Alternativa), Ph.D (College of Naturopathic and Complementary Medicine)

Dr Matina Chronopoulou was born in Sparta Greece. She was raised in a family whose herbal knowledge went back three generations. She comes from a family of Traditional Healers, midwifes and herbalists. Hippocrates’ simple quote of “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food” set her on a journey to study nutrition and naturopathy. Her holistic health search is not only a personal journey, but one to seek information that can be shared with those who also desire to learn nature’s secrets of achieving health and wellness in their life naturally.

Dr Chronopolou is a practising Naturopathic Doctor, Homeopath, Acupuncturist, and Bioresonance Therapist. She has been involved with natural therapies since the late 70s. Since 1995, she has run the Centre for Natural Medicine and Acupuncture, in Athens Greece, focusing on naturopathic therapeutics, nutritional medicine, lifestyle modification, botanical medicine, homeopathy, acupuncture, flower essences, and energy medicine.

She lectures and teaches when not seeing clients. She specializes in educational workshops and seminars for professionals sharing her knowledge on the traditional mediterranean healing diet, herbal walks and herbal retreats in the Greek countryside. She has presented scientific papers around the world and has contributed regular articles to natural health magazines, newspapers, television and radio talk programs over the past twenty five years. Most recently, she is a columnist for the Huffington Post.

Kristiene Clarke

Kristiene Clarke

Dip.AD (Sheffield College of Art), Dip.RSIAD (Royal Society of Industrial Artists and Designers), PG Diploma (Croydon College of Art and Higher Education), Ph.D cand. (University of East Anglia)

Kristiene Clarke is an accomplished film and television director with a strong background and training in all aspects of film production. She has over 70 flagship credits having worked for the BAFTA award-winning BBC arts series ARENA, Channel 4, ITV, Channel Five and many overseas broadcasters. Kristiene has also created films for non-governmental organisations, charities, third sector institutions and international clients such as the United Nations, Ogilvy-Mather , International Planned Parenthood Federation and the World Health Organisation. Her films have won awards at many international film festivals and she has the accolade of three major international retrospectives. Kristiene has held academic positions at the University of Kent and been a visiting lecturer at several other UK universities: the University of Manchester, London School of Economics, Queen Mary and Royal Holloway, and the University of London. Further interests include creative workshops, trainings, master-classes, seminars, lectures, forums, reports, publications, websites and consultancies. Kristiene welcomes enquiries from students interested in any of the above creative disciplines or from those who wish to explore the theoretical aspects of film, television or the wider media industries. Her non-work interests are disability issues, and enjoying time with her dog, Harry, and cat, Burt. She also likes to spend time ‘messing around on boats’.

Dr William (Bill) L. Cook

Dr William (Bill) L. Cook

B.A. (University of New England), ASTC, M.Sc. (University of New South Wales), Ph.D (University of Newcastle)

Professor Cook is an expert in the field of Engineering/Industrial Design, Education/Learning Theory and Management Studies.

He has a diverse background ranging from industrial experience to academia. He has authored textbooks, course notes, journal articles and conference papers.

A District Governor of Rotary International, his professional experience has included managing a Department of Open learning for undergraduate and post-graduate students from Australia, Asia and Pacific Nations.

As Managing Director of his own research consultancy, he directed projects for firms like BHP, the Workers Educational Association and the Australian Rotary Corporate Alliance Programme. His other interests include golf, tennis, walking, theatre and travel.

Dr Kenneth D. Farrow

Dr Kenneth D. Farrow

B.A.Hons (University of Stirling), Ph.D. (University of Glasgow)

Dr Farrow has lectured and taught at the University of Glasgow and at the University of Krakow. His research interests focus on English, Scottish and American literature, the literature of the Reformation, Renaissance and the Modern Age. He has written about the works of authors such as Robert Burns, John Knox, James Hogg, Shakespeare, Milton, Erasmus, Martin Luther, Walter Scott, William Golding, Kingsley Amis, Graham Greene, Ruth Prawler Jhabvala, Pablo Neruda and various religious works.

Dr Farrow did his postdoctoral research on Scottish Historiography. He has written books, academic articles, reviews and other creative compositions, including translating the entire Homer “Iliad” into mediaeval and modern Scots prose.

Dr Farrow’s non-academic interests include cycling, swimming, cinema, video, acoustic guitar, creative writing, chess, light reading, popular music, dining and general revelry.

Dr Ian Fraser

Dr Ian Fraser

B.A., B.Sc.Hons (Flinders University), MBA (University of South Australia), Ph.D (Union Institute)

Dr Fraser is an expert in corporate and management restructuring. His achievements include putting in place new corporate synergies. As Adelaide’s Technology Park Project Manager, he oversaw the development of new products. As Head of Academic Affairs for a Technical College (Western Australia), he managed staff and program development across five separate disciplines.

Dr Fraser has worked in New Zealand, the USA, the Pacific Region, and in Papua New Guinea where he created the Investment Promotion Authority from a green field’s position.

Dr Fraser is an Associate Fellow of the Australian Marketing Institute and an Associate of the Papua New Guinea Institute of Management. He was a member of the winning team at the South Australia Enterprise Workshops and has been mentor to two teams who have also won first prize at that workshop.

In his spare time Dr Fraser enjoys his family, friends, adventure travel, reading and music.

Dr Jacob G. Ghazarian

Dr Jacob G. Ghazarian

B.Sc. (Murray State University), M.Sc. (Memphis State University), Ph.D (University of Nebraska)

Dr Ghazarian is an Associate Member of Oxford University and also a lecturer in biology and organic chemistry for Warnborough College.

He has had over 32 years of work experience in his field(s) having worked as an instructor, tutor, scientist and associate professor, at various institutions including LeMoyne College, the University of Tennessee and the University of Wisconsin.

Dr Ghazarian belongs to the American Society for Biological Chemists, the American Institute of Nutrition, and, the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research. He has had over 40 reviewed publications, and many other reviews, abstracts, and chapters. He was listed in Who’s Who in the Midwest (1978), Men of Achievement (1979), and elected member of the Wolfson College Association of Wolfson College/Oxford University in 1982.

He has also been invited to speak at major international conferences and workshops. He is currently pursuing research into “Cytochrome p-450 monooxygenases of Calcium Regulating Hormones”.

Mr Paul Hickman

Mr Paul Hickman

B.A. (LaVerne University), MPA (Golden Gate University), EMAM (Claremont Graduate College), EdS (Vanderbilt University)

Mr Hickman has more than 26 years of military & corporate experience in critical logistical mission support operations, budgetary, project planning and implementing Air Force logistical enhancement initiatives. He was selected as the protocol officer for numerous high level military and civilian visits to military installations.

He is highly skilled professional in case management, job development, training, budgetary, project planning, and the implementation of policies and procedures with more than 17 years of combined experience as associate
professor and lecturer at the 2 year and 4 year college level. As a project manager, special studies manager and initiated and implemented numerous enhancements for the U.S. Air Force and universities.

Dr Keith Hilton

Dr Keith Hilton

B.S. (East Tennessee University), M.S. (Illinois State University), MA, Ph.D (Claremont Graduate College), P.D. (St John’s University)

Dr Hilton is an expert in the following areas: higher education policy and leadership, blended and distance learning, multiculturalism, faculty recruitment and development, African diaspora studies, journalism and media studies and creative writing.

He has taught at the Claremont Colleges, University of the Pacific, Brandman University, St John’s University, Compton College and California State University.

Dr Sandra Hutcheson

Dr Sandra Hutcheson

B.A. (Georgia State University), M.A. (Spalding University), Ph.D (Warnborough College)

Sandi Hutcheson is the author of two books — a fictional memoir, Looks Great Naked, and I AM Loved at Community Bible Church. She is a humor columnist for the Sunday edition of the St. Augustine Record who has been published in Creative Nonfiction magazine, Southern Journal, and Doxie Digest. She teaches writing at Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida, and at the University of Phoenix.

Dr Maria T. Jacketti

Dr Maria T. Jacketti

B.A. (Kings College), M.A. (New York University), Ph.D (Warnborough University)

A political and spiritual independent, Maria Jacketti was born in 1960 in Hazleton, Pennsylvania. She holds degrees from King’s College, New York University and Warnborough College. She spent some 20 years teaching English and Spanish at universities and colleges such as Pennsylvania State University, Hazleton; The New School University and Saint Peter’s University.

She is co-founder of the professional writing company, Mountain Laurel Copywriting and Content Creation. In addition to running that company, she is a full-time reporter/ columnist at The Hazleton Standard Speaker in Hazleton, Pennsylvania.

Jacketti also serves as poet laureate of Hazleton. Her translations of Nobel laureates Pablo Neruda and Gabriela Mistral have been read worldwide for more than two decades. Jacketti is a recipient of a poetry fellowship from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts and served as a poet-in-residence for the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts and Poets in Public Schools in New York City.

She lives in Hazleton, Pennsylvania with her husband, Wayne Funk, her daughter, Laurel Jacketti Funk and cats.

Dr Keith L. Jones

Dr Keith L. Jones

B.A., M.A. (University of Oxford), D.M.S. (Middlesex University), M.B.A. (University of Durham) Ph.D (University of London)

Dr Jones is well-versed in many disciplines including strategic management, marketing, human resource management, and quality environmental management. He is a member of the Chartered institute of Marketing and the Institute for Quality Assurance, and a Fellow of the Institute of Personnel and Development. He is a registered lead auditor.

Dr Jones has produced material for Durham University’s distance-learning MBA and The Open University. He also lectures at The American University in London, Webster Graduate Studies Center, Regents College and Birkbeck College (University of London).

Dr Jones gives seminars locally and internationally, and has also done work for the Universities of Warwick, Liverpool and Sheffield. He has his own strategic business consultancy and recently completed an audit for Disney in China, while also exploring ethical management issues there.

Dr James Keating

Dr James Keating

B.S.Ed (Ball State University), M.A. (Butler University), M.B.A. (Butler University), Ed.D (Oxford University).

Dr Keating has forty one years experience in the field of education and has specialized in interdisciplinary applications that link a variety of academic fields, such as science, technology, literature, the arts, history, and languages. Recently he has taught composition classes based on readings in world history and literature. The past twenty three years he has worked in the Department of English Language and Literature and Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana. He has worked also at Vincennes University and Concordia University Wisconsin, teaching humanities and world culture subjects, as well as literature and composition. Additionally, he has taught business writing to adult career-oriented students both in classroom and on-line settings.

He earned his B.S in Education from Ball State University’s highly-acclaimed Teacher’s College and subsequently received an M.A. in History, Political Science, and English from Butler University. He received a business certification from the Institute for Financial Education in Chicago and then an M.B.A. from Butler University. He studied at Oxford University while working for his Doctorate in Education, which he received from the Graduate Theological Foundation. He has done post-doctoral work at Oxford and the University of Michigan.

Dr Keating has spoken to educators in various settings in the United States, mostly on the subject of interdisciplinary approaches to academic studies. Recently he as spoke to groups in Seattle, Detroit, Chicago, Portland and to university audiences and secondary teachers in Indiana and Ohio. Additionally, he has travelled widely to enhance his experiences, including work-study in Italy, Spain, Peru, Japan, and Russia.

He has published several articles including works in The Teaching Professor, Liberal Arts Matters, and Education About Asia. He was the co-author of two texts: Humanities and World Civilization II, both of which are used for on-line education in a College Level Entrance Proficiency (CLEP) program. He has also written three on-line study guides for use in a comprehensive CLEP preparation program.

Dr Keating enjoys reading, as you might imagine. He also loves to travel, especially to visit beautiful gardens, since gardening is one of his favorite activities, and also to see friends near and far. While at home he plays golf, enjoys a daily run, and likes work in various community service activities.

Dr Jill A. Kiefer

Dr Jill A. Kiefer

B.A.F.A. (University of New Mexico), M.A., Ph.D (Warnborough University)

Dr Kiefer is a professional Program Developer and Instructor, with extensive experience in the arts and humanities, curricula design, methodological development, desktop publishing, technological artistic production and web design.

A highly accomplished artist, Dr Kiefer’s work has been exhibited at a number of locations in the USA and is held in private collections in the states and abroad. She has taught at the University of New Mexico, S.E.E.D. Open University and Sage Ways Institute. Her own company, Port-of-Arts, offers an array of programs, products and services.

She has authored and edited books, articles, papers and instructional guides. She is dedicated to promoting the goals of global education and to fostering participation in lifelong learning–a staple of personal and universal growth.

In her spare time, Dr Kiefer enjoys biking, boating, theatre, music and reading. She has a deep love of and respect for nature, wildlife and domesticated animals.

Mr Melvin Landry Jr.

Mr Melvin Landry Jr.

BS.c. (Southern University), M.Sc. (University of Arkansas), M.B.A. (University of New Orleans)

Melvin is an Enterprise Procurement Category Manager with ConAgra Foods, in Omaha, Nebraska, which is one of the largest food conglomerates in the world. In this role, Melvin is responsible for strategically managing costs and setting strategic direction in the indirect services segment. Melvin has also taught economics/marketing/strategic management lectures on the graduate level at many institutions traditionally (face to face) and online to include West Virginia University, Eastern Michigan University, and DeVry University in the role of adjunct faculty. Melvin is a certified online master reviewer with Quality Matters reviewing strategic management courses. Melvin also serves as a Western Area Associate to Crimson Eagle LLC, an Executive & Management consultancy firm based out of Minneapolis MN, advising on strategic management opportunities.

Melvin has previously served in marketing and commodity/energy procurement roles with other notable companies such as Kraft Foods North America and JBS Swift and Company. Melvin holds a B.S. and M.S. degrees in Agricultural Economics from the University of Arkansas along with a MBA in marketing from the University of New Orleans. Melvin also serves as an Advisory Board member of Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Related Sciences (MANRRS). In this position, Melvin is responsible for setting organization strategic direction and soliciting governmental sponsorships. Melvin is also is a member of the United States Distance Learning Association.

Melvin’s current research interests are exploring economic costs/benefits of climate change & the effects of alternative energy sources for vehicles worldwide and the marketing implications of such a transformational change.

Dr George Loukas

Dr George Loukas

M.D., Psychiatrist, Homeopath

Dr Loukas was born in Greece and studied in the Military School of Corps Officers, department of Medicine with specialization in Psychiatry. He has been practicing homeopathy since 1982 and originated the unifying theory of diathesis. He is the author of the Unifying Theory of Constitution which presents a unified theoretical medical model of constitution based on the comparative study of the homeopathic theory of chronic diseases combined with the theory of psychoanalytic fixations, Pavlov’s typology, the Hippocratic theory of humours and the four elements of Plato and Embedocles.

Since 1995, he has presented seminars in Russia and Ukraine, attended by hundreds of doctors. Dr Loukas has collaborated with The People’s Friendship University in Moscow on homeopathy. He has designed hundreds of new homeopathic medicines, many of which have recorded case studies. Dr Loukas was awarded the Pavlov Prize in November 2000 by The Russian Academy of Natural Sciences for the design and clinical applications of new homeopathic remedies. He was elected an honorary member of the International Academy of Authors of Scientific Discoveries and Inventions.

Published books include “The Study of the psyche of homeopathic medicines, Volume 1 and 2”, “Roots – principles for a unification of the human sciences”, “The Periodic table and homeopathy”, and “Cognitive Homeopathy: A new system of practicing homeopathy”. He has created an extensive electronic database of materia medica in both English and Greek.

Dr Emmanouil Magiorkinis

Dr Emmanouil Magiorkinis

Ph.D., B.Sc., Path.

Dr Magiorkinis is a medical doctor specialized in Medical Biopathology and currently works as a specialist in Metaxas Memorial Anticancer Hospital in Piraeus, Greece. Parallely, he is post-doctoral scientific associate in Athens University Medical School, and scientific associate of the «Hippocrates» International Medical Association, and of the Office for the Study of History of Hellenic Naval Medicine (Naval Hospital of Athens). He has also studied Biology and holds a PhD in Molecular Virology. He has studied medical and chinese accupuncture, chinese herbal therapy, classic and cognitive homeopathy. He has published 84 papers in peer-reviewed international journals  with 1200 references focusing on Microbiology, Virology, Epidemiology and History of Medicine and has presented 171 papers in national and international conferences. He have co-authored 10 papers in national scientific journals, four books and six chapter in books. His research interests focus on Microbiology, Virology, History of Medicine, Homeopathy and acupuncture as well as other forms of alternative medicine.

Links: Google Scholar

Dr Noor Mazhar

Dr Noor Mazhar

B.A., M.A. (University of London), Ph.D (University of Liverpool), DipTEFL, DipTESP

Dr Mazhar has a lot of research experience in different areas and his doctoral thesis was published in Venice in 1995 by the Istituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti. He is presently at work translating his research into Italian for incorporation into university courses in Italy.

Dr Mazhar has extensive experience in education and his main fields are in the history of ideas, literature and their reciprocal relationship. As an added achievement, he has also obtained, with distinction, diplomas in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (EFL) and English for Business Purposes (ESP).

Dr John N. Mellon

Dr John N. Mellon

B.S. (Pennsylvania State University), MBA (University of New Haven), Ed.D (George Washington University)

Dr Mellon first taught Study Abroad students at Warnborough’s Oxford campus in 1990. Since then, he has remained a strong supporter of the innovation that is brought into Warnborough programmes.

He has taught at many institutions including the University of Hawaii, Marywood University, University of New Haven, Swiss Hospitality Institute, Teikyo Post University and International College of Hospitality Management.

He has also worked in a range of other fields including management, professional public-speaking, fund-raising, and running his own business. He presented for the CHRIE conferences at regional and national levels, and acts as a guest lecturer for the Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association, American Home Economics Association, and Pennsylvania School Food And Service Supervisors Association.

Dr Mellon’s research interests include curriculum development and the evaluation of internship experiences, innovative training methods, tourism and hospitality-related subjects, as well as property and plant management.

Dr Hussein Mirza

Dr Hussein Mirza

Phd, MBA, DMS, B.Comm., Cert. Ed., FFA, MCMI.

Dr Mirza lectures in Accounting, Finance and Management. He was formerly Head of the Professional Accountancy Courses at the Management and Professional Studies Unit of Oxford College and Director of Accountancy and Management in Al-Omani Institute of Education and Vocational Training, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman.

Dr Mirza has held senior accountancy positions with multinationals in the United Kingdom, including the Ministry of Defence and Oxfam. Dr Mirza is an EDEXCEL qualified Trainer, Assessor, and Verfier holding D-Units. He is also an Accreditor for Prior Learning holding APL qualifications.

Dr Mirza is Director of OXCAMS (Oxford Centre for Accountancy and Management Studies UK). He has lectured in over 50 countries, including at international workshops for Warnborough’s DBA program in China.

Dr Ray Morland

Dr Ray Morland

B.A., M.Ed (Western Washington University), Ph.D (Union Institute), DipSocSc (Victoria University), DipPE (University of Otago)

Professor Morland has developed his administrative and leadership expertise in the development of Social Welfare agencies and in the fields of motivation, personal growth and development.

In New Zealand, he developed special programs to enhance the poor self image of the correctional inmates. At the West Australian Institute of Technology (now Curtin University), he developed the degree course in Social Administration. He also undertook numerous consultancies on a voluntary basis to assist the elderly, homeless youth and the Aboriginal Australian by establishing special educational courses that have been used as the model for the development of the Aboriginal support services at most Australian Colleges and Universities. His research into the Alcohol Abuse by the Aboriginal Australian was recognised by the World Health Organisation as a most significant contribution to Aboriginal Welfare.

Professor Morland has published widely on social issues and has been invited on numerous occasions to read papers at International Conferences.

In his spare time, Professor Morland enjoys power walking, working out at the Gym, following rugby union listening to classical music and keeping up to date with current affairs

Dr Audrey Nelson

Dr Audrey Nelson

BA, MA (San Diego State University), PhD (University of Colorado), postdoctoral studies (Warnborough College)

Dr Nelson is an internationally recognised consultant and seminar leader. She specialises in male-female communication, interpersonal skills, sexual harassment/discrimination, cultural diversity and conflict management.

Dr Nelson’s professional background includes 10 years as a university professor in Communication and 20 years as a consultant and trainer for a wide range of government and Fortune 50 and 500 companies. Among them are AT&T/Lucent Technologies, IBM, Honeywell, Hewlett-Packard, the U.S. Justice Department, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the U.S. Marine Corps, Pentax, Kaiser-Permanente, John Deere, Enron Corporation, Upjohn Pharmaceuticals and the Principal Financial Group.

She has trained in 47 states, Australia and Canada. She conducted post-doctoral work in Communication at Warnborough College. Her award-winning research is cited in such books as “More Power To You” and “Communication Between The Sexes.”

Dr Nelson won the “Teaching Excellence” award at the University of Colorado-Boulder. She was designated “Woman of the Year” by the Business and Professional Women (BPW). She has also served as president of the Organization for Research on Women and Communication.

Prof. Paul O’Callaghan

Prof. Paul O’Callaghan

B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D (University of Wales), C.Eng, F.I.Mech.E

Professor O’Callaghan held the Chair of Energy Management at Cranfield University until October 1997 when he retired early to establish the Internet consultancy, Multimedia Sunshine Ltd.

His teaching and research interests are in the areas of Energy Management, Integrated Environmental Management and Multimedia Applications. He established the multimedia studio in the School of Mechanical Engineering at Cranfield University. He is also pioneering new methods and technologies for distance learning.

He has produced several CD-ROMS as training packages in different fields and has also designs customised in-company courses. He has also published 5 textbooks and either authored or co-authored over 200 technical publications. His work has received awards from The Royal Society, BP and the Power Industries Prize of the I.Mech.E. In 1988, he received the Napier Shaw Bronze Medal from CIBSE.

Dr Joel Outtes

Dr Joel Outtes

B.A, M.Phil (Universidade Federal de Pernambuco), DEA (Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales), D.Phil (University of Oxford)

Professor Outtes is an expert in the fields of Geography, Planning, History and the Social Sciences with a particular interest in Urban, Historical, Cultural, Political, Crime and Economic Geography.

Professor Outtes has been a senior lecturer in various institutions in countries such as Brazil, the USA, and the UK. He was awarded several distinguished academic distinctions such as the Harold Blakemore Prize of the British Society for Latin American Studies, the Nelson Chaves Prize of the Brazilian Ministry of Culture and the Cultural Geography Award of the AAG-Association of American Geographers.

Professor Outtes is a prolific author of books, journal articles and conference papers on a wide variety of subjects from political geography to planning history.

In his spare time he enjoys wine, gastronomy, travelling, jogging and speaking foreign languages.

Mr John Perry

Mr John Perry

B.A. Hons (University of Nottingham), M.A. (University of Brunel), M.Sc. (University of Middlesex)

Prof. Perry is the Managing Director of CfEL (‘Counselling for Effective Learning’). His background is in teaching, lecturing and counselling. He has several certificates in Teacher/Trainer Group Work Skills and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Prof. Perry has a great deal of experience in teaching students of all levels up to Masters and has some experience of tutoring by distance learning at the Open University. He has lectured in all aspects of counselling, psychology, management, personal development and applied social sciences.

His current research interests lie in the areas of learning and development, specifically in the facilitation of learning experiences which are “personally meaningful” for the student.

Prof. Perry’s outside interests include swimming and football.

Robert Reece

Robert Reece

Robert Reece is a screenwriter who has written projects for Warner Bros., Paramount, Disney, Universal and 20th Century Fox. He worked on some of Disney’s most recent animated family favorites including the Annie-nominated Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Beginning and Cinderella: A Twist In Time. He also wrote the screenplay for the independent film A Fare To Remember seen on Lifetime TV. Most recently, he wrote the screenplay Chilly Willy for Universal Studios as well as working for international studios like The Animation Lab in Jerusalem and Marza Animation Planet in Tokyo. Robert is also an exhibiting interdisciplinary artist, whose paintings and photography are in private and commercial collections around the world.

Dr Patrick Reynolds

Dr Patrick Reynolds

Patrick Reynolds is a consultant and lecturer in Financial Accounting and Strategic Management Accounting. He is a qualified accountant and member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants and obtained a Diploma in Business Studies from the School of Management Studies, Dublin .He is committed to undertaking continuous professional development and studied Strategic Management Accounting at New York University.

Over his career he has held the position of Management Accountant and Financial Controller in such companies as Johnson and Johnson and Fiat Auto.

Patrick Reynolds has over 20 years experience in the education sector and lectured with The Open University Business School on the Diploma and MBA programme. As Senior Lecturer in the Putteridgebury Management Centre at the University of Luton Business School he has been responsible for developing and delivering a broad range of courses in financial management as well as tailored made in –house programmes for major UK companies including The National Lottery .He has lectured and authored materials on distance learning modules for the overseas MBA programme in Singapore ,South Africa , Indonesia and Russia.

On returning to Ireland from the UK in 2000 after a period of 12 years his lecturing work includes the MSc in Technology Management with the Atlantic University Alliance and the Henley Management College MBA programme at the Irish Management Institute, His current consulting and research interests include strategies for new business start-ups and management for change in the public sector

His hobbies include travel, reading, sea angling, and music.

Ms Anita Rigoni

Ms Anita Rigoni

B.AppSc. (Western Australian Institute of Technology), GDipB.A., M.B.A. (Deakin University)

Ms Rigoni has a strong background in business management, project management and organisational and human resource development. Her expertise was developed over 27 years of hands-on management and consultancy in both the public and private sectors. She is an accredited Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument administrator (HBDI) and Thin-on-Your Feetâ practitioner.

A specialist in best practice frameworks in management training, she has devised and delivered learning materials in the areas of project management, leadership and management, business and strategic planning and team effectiveness.

She has worked for a diverse range of organisations throughout Australia and overseas. She has published articles and conference papers on topics like planning, budgeting, best practice models for sport, project management and organisational performance.

In her spare time she enjoys swimming, cycling, bushwalking, rock climbing and sewing.M

Dr A. N. Sainak

Dr A. N. Sainak

B.Eng (University of North London), DipEng (Sheffield University), M.Sc. (Swansea University), Ph.D (Oxford Brookes University)

Dr Sainak’s expertise is in Ground Engineering and Numerical Methods. He has taught civil and building engineering, and trained practising engineers on the application of numerical techniques in civil engineering.

Dr Sainak is a Chartered Civil Engineer (CEng). He holds memberships in the Institution of Civil Engineers (MICE) and the International Society of Geoetechnical Engineers. He has conducted research and development programmes for engineering firMs

He has spoken at national and international conferences and published research papers.

In his spare time he enjoys horse riding, swimming and camping in the desert.

Dr R. F. Seay, Jr

Dr R. F. Seay, Jr

B.A. (Virginia Tech), M.L.S. (Rollins College), Ph.D. (Warnborough University)

Dr Seay is President of Seay Management Consultants, Inc. He has worked for Burlington Industries, American Hospital Supply Corporation, Roanoke Memorial Hospitals and SESCO Management Consultants, prior to acquiring his own management firm in 1981. From 1968-1970, he served as an armour officer with the 3rd Infantry Division, U.S. Army in Europe.

Dr Seay is a frequent speaker at management conferences and seminars and has conducted workshops in the USA and overseas. He has written many articles and management guides in human resources management and labour relations.

Dr Seay teaches ancient Greek and Roman history and culture, with a specific interest in the history, mythology and literature of the Trojan War. His major intellectual interests include the history of ideas, extending from the period of the Greek experience through the Renaissance.

Dr Seay’s outside interests include tennis, golf, cycling, travel, acoustic guitar and Irish and American folk music.

Dr Steven Seay

Dr Steven Seay

B.Sc. (University of San Francisco), M.B.A. (City University), Ph.D. (Walden University IAS)

Steven Seay, Ph.D., a product of Silicon Valley, California and an MIT-trained strategist, is the Managing Partner for Crimson Eagle LLC, an Executive and Management consultancy based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Steven’s client list includes such notables as Kellogg’s, Harley-Davidson, Chicago Public Schools and the U.S. Postal Service.

Dr Seay has advised multinational clients on such issues as organizational strategy, human performance dynamics, Mergers & Acquisition infrastructure and implementation as well as organization effectiveness. His recent work has been twofold: ‘Effective Change Management Strategies’ and ‘Back to the basics in Customer Satisfaction’.

Dr Seay is a frequent speaker, author and business/management lecturer at many institutions to include Auburn University, Nova Southeastern University, the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management, Troy State University, Capella University and Southwestern College, as well as a visiting professor for Oxford University. Dr Seay has delivered over 2,000 workshops to include Strategic Planning, Effective Communication, Managing Change, Consulting Skills and Customer Service.

Steven has served in executive roles with other notable companies such as Jostens, Best Buy, Oracle and Aramco Oil. Steven holds a B.S. degree in Organizational Psychology, an MBA in Strategy and a Ph.D. in Management and Organization Development. Dr Seay also serves as an Advisory Board member for the Twin City Company–Pinnacle Services, Inc., a board member for the Minnesota Mental Health Association, and a former board member of the Twin Cities Human Resource Association (TCHRA).

Prior to business, Steven traveled the world training, practicing and competing in Mixed Martial Arts, specifically Kempo Karate, Brazilian Jiujutsu, Kyokushin, Aiki-Jiujutsu, and Krav Maga, and competed in Asian and Far Eastern games and cage fighting in Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, Cambodia, Japan (PRIDE) and Morocco, all of which served to bring Mixed Martial Arts to America as seen in UFC fighting. Steven’s MMA record from 1986 – 1991 was 24-3-0. Steven is teaching his two daughters, Savannah (16) and Tess (6), self-defense techniques as well as striking and grappling techniques. Steven submits frequently to these two talented ladies.

Dr Keith Seddon

Dr Keith Seddon

B.A. (University of Hertfordshire), Ph.D (University of London)

Dr Seddon’s area of expertise is Philosophy in general, but specifically Metaphysics, Ancient Philosophy, Stoic Ethics, Classical Chinese Philosophy, Applied Philosophy (including business, environmental and medical ethics). His expertise also extends to the History of Ideas (especially Ancient Greece and Rome), and Writing and Thinking Skills.

He has taught a wide range of Liberal Arts topics in colleges and universities. He is currently Director of the Stoic Foundation, an educational trust offering advice, support and a correspondence course in practical Stoic philosophy. He is also Chairman of the Council of the International Stoic Forum.

Dr Seddon has had his work published in books and articles, stories and reviews in several periodicals. He has co-authored books on the Tarot and on Egyptian Paganism.

Dr Seddon is a fellow of the Philosophical Society of England, and is a member of the Institute for Global Ethics and the Institute for Business and Professional Ethics. He was a founding trustee of Action on Disability, and a founding trustee of the Stoic Foundation.

Dr John M. Snape

Dr John M. Snape

Cert.Ed. (University of London), B.A. (Open University), M.A. (University of Durham), Ph.D (University of Leeds)

Dr Snape has a wealth of experience in psychology and psychiatry. He has worked as a tutor, lecturer and course leader for the University of Teesside, Northampton University College, the University of Wolverhampton and Middlesborough College. He is currently a Reviewer of Psychology for the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education.

Dr Snape is widely published, and has also successfully supervised many postgraduate students. He has taken part in many conferences in areas relating to stress, mind matters, emotions, depression, fatigue, sex and gender issues. Dr Snape has lectured in different aspects of psychology, including educational psychology, health psychology, abnormality and cognitive psychology.

He is a member of the Institute of Management, the British Psychological Society, the Health Service Careers Tutors Association, and holds fellowships at the College of Preceptors and Durham University Society.

Dr Ruth Todd

Dr Ruth Todd

B.A. (Oglethorpe University), M.A., MBA (Georgia State University), PhD (Warnborough College)

Dr Todd has worked in the energy sector and taught at various universities in the USA. Among other things, she is a director for Information Technology and Data Services at the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations where she is a leading member of the academic council ensuirng academic rigor and excellence. Her job requires her to train and certify new facilitators and provide quality assurance of faculty performance.

She also works for the University of Phoenix as the Area Campus Chair in Humanities and History, and is an adjunct professor for the Applied Management Directed Studies for Ottawa University. Dr Todd understands the distance learning experience and can help students make the most of their programme.

Dr David E. White

Dr David E. White

B.A. (Colgate University), M.A, Ph.D (Cornell University)

Dr White is a philosopher whose main expertise is in philosophy of religion. After serving a few years at the University of Lagos and at Cornell University, Dr White moved to St. John Fisher College, where he has taught philosophy for over twenty years now.

Dr White has also developed courses in Media Morality and in the Philosophy of Love. Much of his teaching is now concentrated in Philosophy of Education.

For many years, Dr White’s main area of research has been the life, work and influence of Bishop Butler. He is responsible for establishing the Joseph Butler Website and for organising the Bishop Butler Historical Society.

A long-time member of the Bertrand Russell Society, he helped organise the Rochester chapter which has played host to many Russell scholars. Dr White is also chairman of the board of the international Bertrand Russell Society.

In his spare time, Dr White enjoys family life and walking about the countryside. He is active in the humanitarian and educational work of the Episcopal Church, and has recently begun study as an archivist.