Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Leisure Management


  • Do you like encouraging others to become fit and healthy?
  • Interested in tourism and pastimes?
  • Enjoy organising events and trips?

If the answer is yes sign up for the Warnborough BA in Leisure Management and turn your hobby into a profession!!

The programme has been specially structured so that it meets the academic requirements for those seeking a career in this profession in any part of the world. Students examine the role of leisure in today’s society by looking at various leisure industry operations, leisure management issues and evaluating current industry operation. The program looks at the role of leisure in society and provides a deeper understanding of the issues between work and play.

It also focuses on the broad area of recreation activity and recreation resource management. It investigates recreation participation and practice – how recreation is managed in protected areas, the operations of recreation facilities and how recreation activity is planned.

Those interested in entering tourism-related careers, including: promotions, special events, touroperators, leisure and recreational facility management, recreation & theme parks, event organisers, holiday bungalow parks, hospitality service suppliers, hotels, resorts, airlines, cruiseship companies, leisure management and marketing, parks and recreation management and resort management.

(240 credit points in total)

A short introductory, online module on Academic Writing must be completed at the very start of the degree. This module should take only a few hours to complete and is not examinable.

Year 1 (80 credit points)

Core (Compulsory) Modules
BRE101 Health & Fitness I (8 ECTS credits)
BSC101 Human Anatomy and Physiology (8 ECTS credits)
BRE103 Leisure Management I (8 ECTS credits)
BRE104 Leisure Management II (8 ECTS credits)
Workplace (Compulsory) Projects:
BGN104 Industry Meetings (8 ECTS credits)
BGN102 Research Project I (8 ECTS credits)

Optional (Elective) Modules:
Select four (4) modules from the list below.
BTR301 Ecotourism Tour Guide (8 ECTS credits)
BTR103 Tourism I (8 ECTS credits)
BHT101 Horticulture I (8 ECTS credits)
BHT104 Turf Care I (8 ECTS credits)
BEN101 Introduction to Ecology (8 ECTS credits)
BBS103 Bookkeeping I (8 ECTS credits)
BPS101 Psychology I (8 ECTS credits)
BTR102 Food and Beverage Management (8 ECTS credits)
BPS104 Child Psychology (8 ECTS credits)
BEN103 Marine Studies I (8 ECTS credits)
BEN102 Ornithology (8 ECTS credits)
BBS110 Leadership (8 ECTS credits)
BGN106 Classroom Delivery Skills (8 ECTS credits)
BPH100 Introduction to Photography (8 ECTS credits)
BAG102 Horse Care I (8 ECTS credits)

Year 2 (80 credit points)

Core (Compulsory) Modules
BRE201 Health & Fitness II (8 ECTS credits)
BRE104 Leisure Management III (8 ECTS credits)
BRE205 Leisure Facility Management I (8 ECTS credits)
BRE209 Event Management (8 ECTS credits)
Workplace (Compulsory) Projects:
BGN201 Research Project II (8 ECTS credits)
BGN103 Workshop 1 (8 ECTS credits)

Optional (Elective) Modules:
BRE207 Aquafitness (8 ECTS credits)
BRE208 Aerobic Fitness (8 ECTS credits)
BRE206 Resistance Exercise (8 ECTS credits)
BHT303 Turf Repair and Renovation (8 ECTS credits)
BTR204 Tourism II (8 ECTS credits)
BBS203 Bookkeeping II (8 ECTS credits)
BPS107 Marketing Psychology (8 ECTS credits)
BPS106 Sports Psychology (8 ECTS credits)
BPS109 Counselling Skills I (8 ECTS credits)
BPS111 Stress Management (8 ECTS credits)
BSS200 Healthy Buildings I (8 ECTS credits)
BRE105 Aromatherapy (8 ECTS credits)
BTR202 Hotel Management I (8 ECTS credits)
BHT216 Playground Design (8 ECTS credits)
BTR201 Bushcraft and Wilderness Activities (8 ECTS credits)
BEN201 Conservation & Environmental Management (8 ECTS credits)
BEN203 Marine Studies II (8 ECTS credits)
BEN205 Wildlife Management (8 ECTS credits)
BAG216 Equine Behaviour (8 ECTS credits)

Year 3 (80 credit points)

Core (Compulsory) Modules
BRE301 Health & Fitness III (8 ECTS credits)
BRE305 Leisure Management IV (8 ECTS credits)
BRE306 Leisure Facility Management II (8 ECTS credits)
Workplace (Compulsory) Projects:
BGN202 Research Project III (8 ECTS credits)
BGN203 Workshop 2 (8 ECTS credits)

Optional (Elective) Modules:
Select an additional four (4) modules from the following options.
(Note: Upon approval, electives from other years may be accepted here)
BSC303 Statistics (8 ECTS credits)
BBS202 Advertising Promotions (8 ECTS credits)
BIT103 E commerce (8 ECTS credits)
BBS300 Healthy Buildings II (8 ECTS credits)
BPS103 Industrial Psychology (8 ECTS credits)
BHT202 Sports Turf Management (8 ECTS credits)
BTR203 Bed & Breakfast Management (8 ECTS credits)
BTR301 Ecotourism Tour Guide (8 ECTS credits)
BPS305 Life Coaching (8 ECTS credits)
BTR302 Adventure Tourism (8 ECTS credits)
BRE303 Sports Nutrition (8 ECTS credits)
BTR104 Wedding Plannings (8 ECTS credits)
BRE307 Weight Loss Consultant (8 ECTS credits)

The program is conducted via distance learning only. Modules can be done through a combination of online study materials, learning packages sent via post, and videos. Students have access to a personal tutor for each individual module. Upon enrolment, studies may commence within a few days; at which point you will be contacted by email with an access code for your courses and your student resources. The Academic Writing course will show you how you should write throughout the degree program.

All studies required to achieve the degree, may be undertaken in the country where you live.

You will have unlimited email support from tutors on every module. In some cases, we can organise telephone support as well.