What We Are About – Why We are Different

Why Warnborough College is Different

  • Are you a  free-thinker? A non-conformist?
  • Are you open to new ideas and challenges?
  • Do you prefer to be a pioneer seeking to expand your mind and opportunities?

If so, we welcome you into our family of scholars and trailblazers. Warnborough College (Ireland) derives from its flagship Warnborough College (UK) originally founded in Oxford in 1973. We continue the traditional Socratic teaching method used by Oxford and the great European universities for centuries.

Warnborough College is at the forefront of distance and online learning and has remained true to its founding philosophy and vision. Today, we have a global alumni of distinguished graduates who actively support our endeavours. Our goal is to embrace and empower you through self-paced programmes designed to meet your needs. Our mentors will work in partnership with you to encourage inquiry, creative thinking and planning for success. Our programmes do not suit those who want to go through the motions merely for a piece of paper. The emphasis is on the means, not the end (which will come as a result of the investment in the means). The ultimate goal is to trust your own learning.

We have been doing what we do well from our inception. We do not aim to be all things to all people. That is why we have an excellent academic reputation. We pay attention to your academic needs. You are not studying with a ‘herd’ of students – our research focus allows you to go in-depth with your personal mentor. You are not a mere student number at Warnborough. We are here to meet your needs in a professional and friendly manner.

We offer academic as well as competency-based qualifications. This means we can tailor programmes for a large variety of students depending on their existing knowledge, abilities, experience and learning styles. For example, our undergraduate qualifications are often competency-based and geared towards working within the related industry. People with work experience or prior learning can also top-up to a qualification.

The learning is self-paced to meet your lifestyle – you decide with your mentor what learning objectives and outcomes will be met within what time-frame because the investment (time, effort, money) is all down to you. We like to feel that our fees are affordable, and there are various payment plan options as well.

Our Warnborough Worldwide Alumni Association is active and consists of successful graduates in industry, commerce, education and the professions.

We will support, mentor and develop you because this is our mission, and we will ensure that we do our best to meet your academic and career needs.

If you are as fanatical about great ideas as we are, and if you can bring bags of enthusiasm and commitment to Warnborough College, we WELCOME you to cross borders and widen horizons with us. We are passionate about education, and it is this passion which leads us on our educational mission.

Dr Ray Morland

Dr Ray Morland

“I have been associated with Warnborough since 2001. I was attracted to the institution because of its mission to provide unique learning opportunities to a wide range of students from around the world. What impressed me after meeting the Warnborough team was its commitment to learning.

Despite my long association with academia, I have also been out in the wide world of hard knocks, so I can speak with authority about education. At 14, I started as an apprentice boilermaker. I saw action in World War II and in Korea. Afterwards, I entered university as an ex-serviceman. I acquired my BA from Wellington University, an M.Ed from Washington State University and a PhD from the Union. My career involved helping young offenders, training indigenous people, and counselling overseas students. I have been a lecturer, academic administrator, and served on several accreditation committees.

Warnborough’s programmes are relevant, tailored, and put learning at the forefront. If you wish to be take charge of your learning experience with the help of expert mentors, Warnborough will open doors for you.”

Dr. Ray Morland
Secretary of the Board of Trustees, Accreditation Consultant

Rev Canon Dr Richard Martin

Rev Canon Dr Richard Martin

“I have been associated with Warnborough since the founding of its flagship in Oxford in 1973. Today, Warnborough is well established in the UK where it is accredited as a ‘Premier College’, and in Ireland where its Graduate Research Centre has established a reputation for serious research.

Over the years, I have met many Warnborough students and graduates who enthuse about their experience. These individuals are now successful career people who are making a mark in their respective fields.

I am confident that joining Warnborough will challenge your thinking, inspire you, and provide many opportunities for networking and friendship through the Warnborough Worldwide Alumni Association.”

The Rev. Canon Dr. Richard G. Martin, SSC
Vice-President for Alumni Relations
All Saint’s Anglican Church, Brisbane, Australia

Dr John Allen

Dr John Allen

“My son, Jay attended the Warnborough Year Abroad programme in Oxford in 1987 and since then I have been actively associated with Warnborough. Jay returned to do his Master’s at Warnborough in 1998. I can’t stop saying what an inspiring institution Warnborough is, and I am amazed at the way it has attracted such a loyal following. The Warnborough Graduate Research Centre has gained a strong reputation for serious researchers. If you seek to extend your opportunities then I suggest your contact the Centre and discuss your needs.”

Dr. John Allen
Chairman of the Warnborough Senate
President, Allen Advertsing, Baltimore, USA